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Everone has a type of sound they prefer.

Sound Preferences Abound

Recently a new client came in, Linda. She asked about a hearing aid brand that her sister wears and loves. We know the brand, and we also know the sound quality had a bit more metallic sound in the high frequencies, which is where most people have their hearing loss. I could hear Blair trying gently to explain the quality difference, and he realized hearing prefrences can’t be explained, they must be experienced.
Husbands and wifes can be the first to notice hearing loss.

Your Spouse Can Tell

Most first time wearers don’t fully appreciate or value how hearing devices are assisting them. Yet, their spouse, family and friends no-tice their ability to participate in conversations. Quite a few first time wearers purchased their first set for a spouse’s happiness. It follows the simple saying, Happy Wife, Happy Life.
What questions do you need to ask about hearing the conversation.

Can You Help My Ears?

Expo season is upon us. We have already been in the Chamber Expo, which hosts local businesses. Then we were part of the Sun Fiesta. We have upcoming events in some of the homeowner community events. When Karen has attended events, she has heard the husbands say, “I hear fine.” And Karen always responds, “You don’t get a vote, your wife does.” Then she turns to the wife and, more often than not, the wife says, “He needs to come in and see you.”
Yelling at your loved ones can damage your relationship.

Healing Relationships

I heard an amazing quote from Blair the other day, "don't complain to your wife. Tell me so I can resolve some of the fussing between you." This was following a programming session for a new client. The new client had a history of telling everyone that everything was ok, but when he got home, he would complain to his wife...
Those without hearing aids have a higher risk for dementia.

Dementia and Hearing Loss

A recent study, "Self-Reported Hearing Loss, Hearing Aids and Cognitive Decline in Elderly Adults: A 25-year Study", released in October 2015 and published in the Journal of American Geriatric Society summarized the effect of untreated hearing loss on mental health. The study showed that participants with hearing loss who did not use hearing aids had a more rapid cognitive decline, while those with a hearing loss who used a hearing aid had no difference in cognitive decline compared to those with normal hearing...
Getting the most out of a hearing aid takes good programming.

Full Capacity Programming

Some common complaints are: "I sound as if I am in barrel", "everything is muffled" or "it sounds tinny." These sound irritants can be easily corrected with a slight program adjustment. There have been the less frequent complaints, "it sounds sharp", "everything is shrilly" and "her voice is too harsh." Some of the more entertaining ones are: "I sound like I'm underwater", "it sounds like there are bees everywhere” and "everything echoes"...
Sharp sounds from plates and glasses can cause discomfort

Startling Sounds

One of our clients is being fit with new aids. The couple came in the other afternoon as a standard follow up, and a few weeks after we all think we have a good program. These few weeks ensure the program is helpful at home, in your favorite restaurant, at your place of worship, at your community center, wherever you are socially active...
Getting the right hearing aid program is important.

Favorite Aid Programs

Blair is really good at programming. I've heard hundreds of people tell me how amazing the new program setting enables them to hear with more confidence. I couldn't figure out how others could get the program settings so wrong that their experience with Blair's programming was so amazing...
New GPS technology makes aids easier to find

No Longer a Sci-Fi Story

When we opened our business in Venice 8 years ago, we received yearly calendars from our manufacturer and one of the cartoons showed adult children using the computer to track their dad’s hearing aids using a GPS setting. We thought it was funny but never shared the cartoon, since we thought people might actually think there was a GPS setting in hearing aids...
Phonak rechargeable hearing aid case

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

During the past few months, we asked our clients to give us honest feedback about these new hearing aids. We have received raves about these new hearing aids.
We heard the hype from the manufacturers but the response from our clients has been better than we hoped for about these rechargeable hearing aids...
Difficulty hearing TV sounds

Booming TV and Bad Advice

Booming TVs, asking family and friends to repeat everything, accusing people of mumbling, avoiding social situations, are indicators that people should have their hearing tested to get a base line. People who get hearing aids at the first sign of loss tend to transition smoothly into hearing aids and wear them constantly...
Having a conversation in a restaurant

Confidence Hearing in Social Situations

We have all been in a situation when we felt uncomfortable and it resulted in feeling unattractive. We have all had that one moment we looked great and knew it. That confidence, that indefinable “I feel great about me” that is the feeling I want you to have when you are out socializing...
With so many aid models how do you pick the best one

Which Hearing Aid Model is Better?

I met Anita at a business seminar and mentioned that I worked with hearing devices. In a standard move, she showed me the aid behind her ear and asked if it was a good model. There are over 20 hearing aid manufacturers and five major brands. Each one has different divisions and each division has various models. How do you know if yours is the best...
A discussion on the real price of hearing aids

The True Cost of Cheap Hearing Aids

I occasionally get the question, “what is the cost for hearing aids.” Hearing aid prices have a range, somewhere between $1,500 – 4,500 for a single hearing aid. Eighty percent of people need both hearing aids.Can you find cheap hearing aids, absolutely. As the saying goes you get what you pay for and hearing aids are no different...
Background sounds can be a major distraction for those wearing hearing aids

Part Time Listener

Lately we've had a few clients who came in wanting better clarity when they wear their hearing aids. These clients actually have good quality products. I connected their hearing aids to the computer to read out the usage information. Well, here is the interesting news, these clients are only wearing their hearing aids a few hours a day...
Florida Society of Hearing Healthcare Professionals

Florida Hearing Association and Disciplinary Action

This past month, I attended the Florida Society of Hearing Healthcare Professionals for the annual conference. This is my state association. I enjoy attending because I get to understand issues within the hearing industry. Also, the disciplinary meeting is entertaining. The Hearing Society has combined required continuing education hours with disciplinary hearings or administration of penalties. By requiring everyone with a license to attend, we hear the penalties which range from $3,000 fines upwards of $50,000 fines.
Many modern aids can connect directly or be paired with a streamer to send audio from your cell phone directly to your hearing aids

Loving the Streamer

I have a business owner who works in a noisy environment, and he uses his cell phone often. Whether calling clients or following up with his staff, he is on his phone frequently. I recently introduced him to a streamer for his hearing aids. A streamer enables his phone to connect to his hearing aids wirelessly. His phone call sounds are in his hearing aids. He told me he loved his streamer since the sound clarity is amazing.
Researching aids can provide great information, but it is no substitute for firsthand experience

Studying Swimming

Learning about hearing aids, especially when you are the one who needs to hear better, is a lot like watching YouTube videos about swimming. Watching someone jump into the pool and attempt to float, doesn’t offer the same insight as being there.
Kids can pose a difficult listening environment  due to their higher voices and loud noises

Noisy Kids

Donna and Fred's grandkids are down for the summer. She called asking for help, since Fred was complaining that the kids are too loud. His irritation was causing tension and putting a damper on the summer vacation. To make certain we got this one right, we asked him to bring in one of the grandkids.
Mishearing just a few words in conversation can dramatically change the meaning

Transparent T-Shirts

I walked into the office the other day and Karen is laughing so hard it took her a minute to catch her breath and share what was so funny. She was talking on the phone with a friend, Sylvia, who wears hearing aids. They were sharing stories about each of their sons. Both young men are in their phase of trying life experiences you would rather your parents not know about. And both moms, found out.
Detecting the source of a sound can be challenging for those wearing hearing aids

Where's the Beep?

Karen shared that sound location is an unusual experience for hearing aid wearers. Wearing hearing aids can result in hearing all sounds occurring at shoulder height. For the wearer there is no up or down for the sounds. And for new sounds the front and back location can take a few times, since bouncing of sounds can distort the ability to locate it. Karen explained that years ago Oticon discovered higher frequencies, which we can't hear, assists with locating sounds.
Those who need to test their blood sugar should also test their hearing

Hearing Loss and Diabetes

A recent study in America found that the current 30 million people with diabetes are at higher risk for hearing loss compared to the average population. People who have diabetes, whether diagnosed or not, have a higher than average likelihood of having a bi-lateral (both ears) hearing loss. They will have a gradual onset mainly affecting higher frequencies, similar to age related hearing loss. The research suggests that hearing care should be added as standard medical care for diabetes care.
Poor discrimination of words can change the meaning of conversations

Creative Listening

I lost my teeth the other night when I went outside to look at a bright dollar. I hook my ankle tripping over zorro dog laying in the yard. The zone dog of yours adapt barks at everything.
The words in bold were actual responses to a discrimination test.
Newer technology can learn over time, improving the user experience

Machine Learning for Hearing Aids

Widex has just released a new technology, Evoke, that will remember what your preference is based on your environment. This leading edge technology is called machine learning. Machine learning occurs when we choose a preference and future options are offered based on our past selections....
People right next to us can be heavily impacted when we can't hear

Just a Moderate Loss

A new client came in and was very skeptical that hearing aids would benefit his life. He was confident that his loss was not affecting him. He wasn't missing much in conversations, and he could ask those around him to repeat themselves. He was certain that it wasn't such a dramatic loss as to need hearing aids...
Fitting the hearing aids to the situations and lifestyles is vital

Women’s Voices

I have a long time client who is trying new hearing aids. We’ll call him Bob. Bob has worn hearing aids for years and his lifestyle is very active. He and his wife participate in their home-owner association activities. He is also involved with a few other groups in town and connects with his family frequently. His level of activity is what I define as a demanding lifestyle for hearing. To ensure a successful fit for such an active lifestyle, I let him try a variety of manufacturers so he was confident in his hearing...
Letters written to the chamber of commerce give great feedback on our services

Hearing Your Words

“He listens to my needs and problems”, “I can go back to him anytime with any questions”, “delighted with the service and the personal interest that he gives”, “a willingness to listen and work with me” all of these quotes I found in testimonials from clients just like you.
Hearing aid ads in newspapers are often sensationalized

Karen's Rant

A client just brought me in a competitor’s ad. We like to see them. We want to know what other companies are doing to reach people who struggle with their hearing...
Hearing loss within a family can be a serious issue

Inherited Passion

Since I was raised in a hard of hearing household, I have firsthand experience with frustrations and misunderstandings. I watched my own father, Ed, get frustrated whenever he had to repeat himself. I watched my Mom, who loved social events, choose to avoid very noise situations due to her hearing...
Hearing loss between couples can lead to fights

And Then the Fight Started...

I sat at the front desk when a couple, Robert and Shelley, came in for their appointment. They were sitting without saying a word, yet the silence was loud. I was trying to be friendly and chatty when I accidently stirred things up. It reminded me of those old jokes that end with the line, 'and then the fight started'...
Understanding the conversation is just as difficult as hearing the sounds

Half the Conversation

I am taking this moment to share a bit of a reality check on what hearing aids can do and cannot do. Hearing aids can keep you in touch with your world. They can amplify the sounds that are occurring around you. They can reduce the possibility of a miss diagnosis of dementia. They can ease the frustrations in couples by reducing misunderstandings. Some better hearing aids can distill out speech from very noisy background sounds...
Fine tuning electronics

Algorithms and Kneepoints

I struggle with balancing my industry jargon and knowledge when translating it into usable everyday pertinent information for you. This is an excerpt from an article available through Audiology Online, just one of the industry tools I use to keep informed about what is happening and ensure I am offering the most up to date information...
We are honored to be awarded the top Hearing Center in Venice.

Small Business of the Year 2017

I want to share my joy and gratitude over the recent honor we received from Venice Area Chamber of Commerce. I am so proud to stand out in this Chamber which consists of 882 business and 3,468 individual members. This year there were 49 Small Business Nominees, 11 Finalist, and we are the one honored with Small Business of the Year Award...
The chaotic, noisy environment of the kitchen can make conversation difficult

What's for Dinner?

Joe went home and did the exercise as the doctor instructed. Joe stood in the hallway about 50-feet behind his wife while she was in the kitchen cooking. He asked in clear steady voice, “Honey, what’s for dinner?” No reply, so he took a step closer and asked again. No reply, so he took a step closer and asked again...
Working with Children with Hearing Loss

Helping Kids Hear Better

First-of-its-kind study shows kids with hearing loss benefit from early intervention.
University of Iowa - Hearing well impacts every area of a child's life -- language and speech development, social skills, and future academic and life success.
Yet little research has been conducted which focuses on infants and preschoolers with mild to severe hearing loss to determine what support or services will help them succeed....
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