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About Contemporary Hearing Center and Our Hearing Aids in Venice


Leveraging the latest in hearing aid technology so you hear conversations with ease.

New Hearing Aid Technology from GN ReSound and Oticon


Servicing all hearing aid manufactures and helping you find the best match for clarity of hearing speech in noise.

Testimonials and Reviews from Happy Patients with a Hearing Loss in Venice, FL


"What they said couldn't be done, was done by Blair. No sales pitch on newer models; just a willingness to listen to and work with me."

Matching your lifestyle to today's hearing aid technology

Contemporary Hearing is honored to be able to offer our services to our community. Blair Post has been helping the hearing impaired and fitting hearing aids for over 23 years in the Venice area. He is a Nationally Board Certified Hearing Specialist and an accredited Audioprosthologist. He is dedicated to helping people have a better quality of life by improving understanding of speech in conversations with family, friends and at social events.
New ReSound Hearing Aids for Severe Hearing Impairment and Tinnitus



We offer free hearing tests to determine your level of loss. Our hearing specialists test both your sound perception and language comprehension.


Digital hearing aids are available from most manufacturers in all sizes, including behind the ear and completely in the canal, to ensure your best fit.


T-Coils enable hearing aids wearer to connect to loop transmitters. Many churches and community sites are looped. Click below to locate loop venues in Venice.

Helping you understand your hearing loss

We offer hearing tests to determine if any loss is present and if any technology could assist with a determined loss. Consultations are free. We also offer consultations for concerned family members on identifying various signs of hearing loss. Working with over 17 manufacturers allows us to review your current hearing aid program, address hearing aid repair issues and review proper maintenance.


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